Q: Can my account get blocked for using this app? / Is this app legal?

A: OGame (Gameforge) does not officially allow the use of this (or any other) app. But the app does (mostly) simulate what you whould do with a browser, making it nearly impossible to detect.

Ogame Scanner working in

  • Ogame.de
  • Ogame.org
  • Ogame.us
  • Ogame.fr
  • Ogame.sk



Ogame Scanner News:

Ogame Scanner for version 5.8.6

Ogame Scanner  for Ogame version 5.8.6 ready  for free download



Ogame Alarm News:

Ogame Alarm beta 2.5
It took a long - unfortunately I was very busy
But in the end it is.
  • improved STABILITY
  • lower consumption of battery



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