Ogame Scanner auto Espionage tool

Dear Ogame player!

You tired of troublesome spying other players, both active and idlers?

Do you also want to improve this stage of the game? Or maybe you want to automate this option and reduce its contribution to, specify a range of Solar Systems and only have read ready reports spy?

If you prefer, like others, to have the more time to prepare for the attack instead of wasting it on boring spying? Ogame Scanner is a great option for you.

It not only performs your hard work for you. It also saves your time, and increases your efficiency by 240%!

Ogame Scanner is easy to use, it automatically sends a espionage probe in the indicated area and give you accurate reports of espionage.

The program is continuously developed and expanded with new features.

This application already has trusted by many experienced gamers.

You can be more effecient to, without incurring any risk.

Do not wait until others will scan you! Be faster!

Or maybe it always somebody spying on you?

You have had enough!

Do what others have long since done!


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Ogame Scanner working in

  • Ogame.de
  • Ogame.org
  • Ogame.us
  • Ogame.fr
  • Ogame.sk



Ogame Scanner News:

Ogame Scanner for version 5.8.6

Ogame Scanner  for Ogame version 5.8.6 ready  for free download



Ogame Alarm News:

Ogame Alarm beta 2.5
It took a long - unfortunately I was very busy
But in the end it is.
  • improved STABILITY
  • lower consumption of battery



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